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Q&A with Suraiya


What degree did you study?

Computer Science

What attracted you to the MThree Alumni Graduate programme?

The Alumni Graduate programme provided me with the perfect opportunity to step into the financial industry where technology is thriving. Having a tailored scheme for graduates offers an alternative route into technology and banking. What stood out for me with MThree was the care taken to secure placements, during which I was given one-to-one support. The training allowed me to feel ready to start on-site and has given me the best possible start to my career.

What area within the bank do you sit and what is your role? / Can you describe a typical day?

My role as a Production Support Analyst in the Research area of banking involves supporting several applications used by Research Analysts daily, as well as external clients. Day to day, my team receive requests from various users who depend on our applications. Our role is to ensure these requests and issues are resolved to their satisfaction within an allotted time.

Another aspect of the role is ensuring the application environment remains stable and uncompromised. This involves monitoring, which takes place daily using real-time application monitoring tools like Geneos and Control-M. The Production Support team also have ownership of reviewing and approving changes that are planned to take place for the applications we support, all of which must adhere to the Change Management Cycle.

How has MThree training equipped you for work in the Financial Markets?

The training was specific and really prepared me for my role onsite. As well as an intensive introductory course into Finance, I received technical training in SQL and Linux scripting, which comes into use daily onsite. What really made the training worthwhile was the tailored approach in relating what’s learnt to the banking world and how it could be utilised while working onsite. I was able to understand the importance of each module taught and prepare myself prior to starting my placement, which gave me a competitive edge.

What do you love most about your role?

The feeling of resolving user issues and knowing you made a difference through your actions. It can be challenging working in Support and having to keep up with requests that come in, but each time you close an incident you get that sense of achievement, which makes it all worthwhile. On the other hand, having a challenging request to deal with is even more satisfying to resolve.

Working within technology in Financial Services is exciting because…

Technology is ever changing in the finance industry, with new advancements and avenues being explored daily. The investment being made into technology by financial institutions means you’re at the forefront of cutting edge ideas, and working with the best in the industry.

What’s interesting about the team I work in is the ‘Follow the Sun’ Model we have in place to provide 24 hour support. With a team in India who handover daily tasks to us, and a team in America, who we handover to at our end-of-day, it’s exciting to be part of a global team working with a global user base.

What do you enjoy most by being part of the MThree Alumni programme?

Apart from the Monthly Events (#FUN), it’s the support that’s available through the programme that I enjoy most, and think is usually very hard to find. It’s easy to start your placement on site and get lost amongst the graduates. However, MThree have been great in making sure each graduate is taken care of, by having one-to-one catch ups regularly to make sure we’re settling in comfortably.

Do you see much of the other Alumni Associates?

Yes, during our Alumni Events arranged by MThree, which is always good fun. We’ve had a boat party, enjoyed mini golf and hit each other in the face a few times during table tennis matches at Bounce.

What are the people like that you are working with?

My team are very friendly and we all help each other to deliver effective application support to users. Working in support can be fast-paced and challenging at times, but having a good support network is what makes it enjoyable.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to yourself if you were about the start?

My advice would be to have confidence in myself and voice myself more with my ideas. As a graduate, I have the advantage of approaching issues from a different angle which can provide a fresh perspective for the team. This is one of the things I have learnt when it comes to being a proactive team member, that my opinion is valued and I can make a difference.