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Q&A with Paige


What degree did you study?

BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Business Management

What attracted you to the MThree Alumni Graduate Programme?

Primarily, the promptness in which MThree look to place their Alumni Consultants on site. I find that my knowledge develops more quickly when I am applying the skills that I have learnt in the classroom to real-life situations rather than theoretical ones, and in real time; I can confirm that one definitely learns fastest when being challenged by several worried traders, during a ‘major incident’! So, the MThree Graduate Programme was perfect for me; the first eight weeks consist of very intense, classroom-based training during which consultants are put forward for interviews at Tier 1 Investment Banks, and the remaining two years are spent on-site. A mere three days into my training programme I was notified of my first interview, on the fifth day I had been interviewed and accepted a place at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and three weeks later I started on-site. As a Graduate at MThree you can be assured that the Alumni Delivery Consultants endeavour to place you on-site as early as possible.    

What area within the bank do you sit and what is your role? Can you describe a typical day?

I am an Application Service Delivery analyst in Foreign Exchange Trading. Typically, I start at 7am along with one other member of the London team. At the beginning of the day we have a hand-over call from our APAC team, who give us an extensive run down of any ongoing disruptions to trading, including both; problems that are classed as ‘major incidents’ which have a large impact on the business, and ‘business as usual’ problems which typically affect single users. We then conduct a walk of the trading floor to speak to the FX Sales and Trading team, with an aim to pick up any start-of-day issues which are yet to be reported, and to follow up on any disruptions that they may have raised the previous day – this is a great chance to build a rapport with our stakeholders.

Four out of five days then continue as ‘business as usual’ where we look to investigate problems encountered by single users, create daily reports and scripts required by the business, and work on projects. I was recently asked to head a project which entailed coordinating changes that had to be made across multiple applications for the transition back to Greenwich Mean Time and Eastern Standard Standard Time from Daylight Saving Time, in the United Kingdom and New York, respectively. This meant working alongside several development teams across Foreign Exchange to ensure that the transition could be made without any impact on the business. At around 3:30pm, our EMEA team then conduct a handover with our AMRS team, for the same purpose of our morning handover. One in five days are ordinarily ‘taken over’ by a ‘major incident’, which can often take an entire day to investigate and resolve, and typically require the engagement of several different teams across the bank. As a member of the FX Support team, we are required to head the conference call between these teams and drive the investigation – as a new joiner, this was definitely the most daunting, yet exciting part of my job!  

What do you love most about your role?

As an individual who is interested in the finance side of Capital Markets as well as the technical infrastructure behind it, I love that as an ASD Analyst you get exposure to Trading and Sales, as well as technology.

Working within technology in Financial Services is exciting because it opens you up to a wealth of opportunities to get involved with different projects across the bank. I have recently involved myself with some Blockchain research projects in Foreign Exchange in which I have been given the opportunity to put forward my own ideas, informed by the knowledge base that I have built from writing my own research paper. It is an industry in which the depth of knowledge to gain is perpetual, and you have the freedom to learn from some of the most informed individuals in the field.       

What do you enjoy most about being part of MThree Alumni programme?

Are we allowed to say the social aspect, and the people? It has been a pleasure meeting and working alongside everyone at MThree Consulting. It is the perfect environment for a graduate, the atmosphere is relaxed – despite the hard work – and everyone is very approachable, including senior management. It is unusual to work at a company in which you are encouraged to interact with all members of the internal hierarchy, in both a professional and social setting.    

Do you see much of the Alumni Associates?

I work alongside another MThree Associate, and have bumped into other familiar faces since I began at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in September. My Production Support class and I regularly stay in contact, and endeavour to catch up on a Friday evening every now and then. MThree also put on a Christmas and Summer party, which is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with everyone inside and outside of your own class!

What are the people like that you are working with?

I am really lucky to have been placed in a great team. My manager encourages me to put forward new project ideas, ways of improving how we operate as a team globally, and ways in which we can better support the business. I am regularly introduced to new people across the bank as a way of building my network and have been encouraged to join new groups such as Women in Technology and Operations group. What is really fantastic about being part of a global team is that we are able to work on investigations with team members in APAC and AMRS, as opposed to solely our immediate team in EMEA, by screen sharing and an internal instant messaging service. As a new joiner, this gave me the opportunity to learn from people who possess different skill sets and different perspectives, and improve my ability to relay important information in our afternoon handovers.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to yourself if you were just starting now?

Don’t be shy, introduce yourself to everyone – building your network and rapport with stakeholders are two of the most important aspects for achieving success.