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Fast-Tracking your Career


Careers that Deliver

The MThree Graduate Program doesn't simply help you find a graduate role –  we set the foundations for a rewarding, lasting career in technology with global companies.

In addition to training programs tailored to specific roles for our clients, we offer a comprehensive support package that enables you to truly make the most out of your first graduate role, accelerating your progress and opening up new opportunities.

The Support you Need, Every Step of the Way

While the transition from campus to corporate life is exciting, it can be challenging. That's why our graduate program has been built to offer you support every step of the way.

From the moment you join MThree, you have access to a support network that's there whenever you need it, across the duration of the programme.

Career coaching and interview prep ensure you feel confident and capable to take on your new role, while check-ins with our Alumni Engagement Manager on your first day and week make sure you hit the ground running. 

Once you're working in-house, bi-annual appraisals provide an opportunity for feedback with the client, helping you keep track of your progress and ensure you are continuously developing.


We run a lively social events programme designed to encourage Alumni Associates from across our client base to meet, network and bond. Our events calendar spans charity events, expert talks with a technical focus, skills-based workshops and diversity and inclusion-themed events programme –  all designed based on feedback from our Alumni community. 


The learning doesn't stop once you're settled in your role – all Alumni Associates have access to our eLearning portal, Pluralsight, to further develop their skills and abilities, along with 10 days dedicated to training across the two-year program.