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Durable DevOps Podcast by MThree - Episode 3 with Gordon Haff from Red Hat


Posted on 19/07/2019 by Greg Clarke

‘There are certain things that can only get bigger … and the cloud is definitely one of them.'

At CloudEXPO in Silicon Valley, we were lucky enough to feature Gordon Haff of Red Hat on our Durable DevOps podcast! 

Gordon has seen the tech industry’s progress to the cloud-native space, particularly during his time at Red Hat. In this episode, Gordon shares his expertise on AI, innovation, the cloud, hiring tech teams in 2019 and upcoming technology trends with MThree’s Greg Bledsoe and Conor Delanbanque. If you’re looking for in-depth technical discussion, innovative ideas and hiring strategies, then look no further.

Greg, and Conor delve into Gordon’s career at Red Hat and his role in the evolution towards cloud-native environments. Gordon shares his innovative perceptions of the industry’s progression to cloud-native, and discusses the validity of being a ‘tech evangelist’, agreeing with Greg on how important it is to continually listen to customers, engage with their business problems and most importantly, learn to ‘unlearn’.

‘A lot of things have to come together.’ Gordon compares the progression of cloud-native to the adoption of AI. He mentions how the industry has done well on a narrow set of technologies in the AI space, and how the current explosion in the use of neural networks proves that. Greg and Gordon then explore big data, relational databases and the depth of innovation in that space. They examine how industry innovation is sometimes due to the lighting striking at exactly the right moment, delving into self-driving cars, the necessity of DevOps in the cloud evolution, and how we can reflect industry innovation in our hiring practices.

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