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Durable DevOps Podcast by MThree - Episode 2 with Roger Strukhoff, Conference Chair at Cloud Expo


Posted on 9/07/2019 by Greg Clarke

“The pace of change is faster than it’s ever been before, but it will never be this slow again”.

Here’s episode 2 of our ‘Durable DevOps Podcast’, recorded live at the Cloud Expo event in Silicon Valley! A thought provoking exploration of DevOps, antifragility and continuous integration, with the combined insight of senior industry leaders - Greg Bledsoe and Roger Strukhoff. 

MThree’s Chief Disruption Officer, Greg Bledsoe, is in discussion with the Co-Chair of Cloud Expo, Roger Strukhoff, about building invincible IT for the modern speed of change.

You’ll hear Roger explain firsthand the background of the Cloud Expo conference, after its launch in 1994, and how it grew into the groundbreaking event it is today.

Greg and Roger go into depth on DevOps, looking into how we are training the younger generation, whilst ensuring that older generations can adapt and build an integrated, holistic approach to DevOps.

Greg emphasises how there’s never really an end point to continuous integration. Organisations need to incorporate incremental adaptation on what’s different today, from yesterday. They explore the risks of buzzword adoption in today’s world, where organisations are struggling to understand the value of what they’ve adopted. They delve into the anti-fragility of business practices that gain in strength due to stress, and apply this logic to the financial markets.

High quality DevOps practice hinges upon sharing your learning, and that’s a primary value for us at MThree. Let’s double down on what works, and stop doing what doesn’t. On that note, please enjoy this podcast and share far and wide!


About CloudEXPO

CloudEXPO brings together CxOs, technologists and business leaders to discuss tech trends in IoT, FinTech, Cloud Computing, and DevOps. 

Throughout the three day event, MThree’s DevOps thought leaders, Greg Bledsoe and Conor Delanbanque presented on stage, took part in panel discussions, and were interviewed on CloudEXPO TV.


You can watch them in action here:

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