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MThree Volunteers Renovate Two Children's Bedrooms - The Childhood Trust Charity


Posted on 31/05/2019 by Greg Clarke

Over 700,000 children in London are affected by low family income. This results in uncertainty, stress, hunger, loneliness, boredom, poor health and lack of opportunities.

MThree have partnered with The Childhood Trust who are on a mission to support vulnerable children by working with businesses and 150 grassroot charities across London to give disadvantaged children access to practical and emotional support.

As part of our partnership, 6 volunteers from MThree’s head office took part in The Childhood Trust’s ‘Decorate A Child’s Life’ programme. The programme sets out to make a real positive impact by redecorating dilapidated and overcrowded bedrooms.

A massive thank you to everyone who donated and helped us raise over £2,000 which paid to renovate two rooms with new beds, wardrobes, shelves, paint, and flooring. You’ve helped give two children somewhere they can play, rest, and call home.

With beds, desks and wardrobes to build and two rooms to paint, there was a big day ahead for our team of volunteers! Here’s how they got on.

Here’s what the team had to say about the experience:

Fred: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to completely transform two children’s bedrooms, to give them the space they deserve to live and grow in comfort and security.”

Lexi: “I felt passionate about this opportunity as I believe every child should be given a chance to have a happy childhood. To be able to make a difference to a family’s life and in particular the children’s, made the experience so worth while.”

Mishri: “It's really important for us to give back to the community where we can and give children the help they need to reach their potential in life”

Tim: “It was an easy decision to make – after hearing about the project, I wanted to play my part in helping to change a young family’s life in a small way.”

Brad: “After transforming the children's bedrooms and seeing their faces made it so much more rewarding and satisfying. I can’t wait to be part of another project.”

Greg: “When I heard about The Childhood Trust and their work, it struck a chord, and I was keen to get involved. It was hugely rewarding to see their faces light up as they walked into their room and I look forward to being a part of more projects in the future!”

About The Childhood Trust

The Childhood Trust is London’s Child Poverty Charity their work alleviates the impact of child poverty in London where more than 700,000 children are affected by low family income.  The Childhood Trust partners with a network of 150 effective grassroots charities across London’s boroughs to give disadvantaged children access to practical and emotional support.

Growing up in poverty creates insecurity and stress, it increases the likelihood of eviction, food insecurity, family break up and problems with both mental and physical health. Children who grow up in poverty have lower than expected educational attainment, less access to extra-curricular learning and less chance to access a secure career.  The Childhood Trust works to make sure poverty is not a barrier to taking part in sports, learning an instrument, experiencing trips and outings, receiving caring supervision and adequate hot food.

Our Decorate a Child’s Life programme brings groups of corporate volunteers to the homes of disadvantaged children to redecorate dilapidated and overcrowded bedrooms and our advocacy and campaigns raise awareness of child poverty as well as raising money to build the capacity of grassroots children’s charities across London.

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