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Q&A with Alumni Associate and FinCrime specialist, Valerija


Posted on 29/04/2019 by Greg Clarke

Thinking back to when you were a student, how did you feel about taking the leap from university to the working world?

As a student, I was nervous of taking the step into the world of work. It was like a secret ocean full of things that I had never seen. I was, of course, full of excitement to start a new chapter in my life. A life with more responsibilities, a daily routine, early mornings with a cup of coffee in my hands trying not to be late to work, and making new friends. I always think that you must work hard for what you want, because it won’t come to you without a fight. I was trying to stay positive, and always fight for my goals. Therefore, the transition from university to a working world did not scare me, it made me feel more confident and successful.

What attracted you most to join the Alumni programme?

The Alumni programme is great: you gain experience as well as develop your skills. The support and training you receive is always of the highest standard. You get to know other graduates, and build your networking skills.

How do you feel the Alumni training prepared you for your role?

The training was very helpful. It helped me to boost my confidence skills. The application process consisted of mock phone interviews, as well as a face to face interview. The support and relevant information you learn at MThree helps you massively. The first two weeks of my training were class based and interactive. I met new people, and learned the basics to be able to start my role.

It was very interesting and useful, because the Alumni training helped fill in the gaps and covered areas not taught in my degree. Before joining MThree, I would constantly wander if I'd be successful in my first role. But with the intensive training, I was given new knowledge and confidence I needed. 

How did your trainer’s experience and background contribute to your learning?

My trainer’s experience and knowledge was incredible. MThree support your learning and treat your as a young professional, not a student.

What are your main responsibilities and how have these developed over time?

As I am part of the Financial Crime Team, my main responsibilities include; transaction monitoring, fraud investigations, suspicious transactions, order reports and attending weekly and monthly meetings.

My responsibilities have grown since I started the job. I am now training other people, as well as dealing with more complicated cases. My experience has grown as my responsibilities have done.

What do you enjoy most about working in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a centre of England, this means it is easily accessible by road, rail or air. The city is one of the youngest in Europe, with under 25s accounting for nearly 40% of our population. We have over 400 schools and 4 main universities. The city is always busy, and people are always happy. There are a lot of opportunities for young people as well as a good social life.

What are your career goals and ambitions over the next 2 years?

I would love to expand my knowledge in investment banking, gain a few more qualifications and build my career in the banking sector.

Do you have any advice for graduates considering the Alumni programme?

Enjoy every moment, have fun, make friends and believe in yourself and all that you are.

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