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Q&A with Alumni Associate, Zach


Posted on 20/11/2018 by Greg Clarke

My background

I was very excited to finally leave education and start taking the first steps in my career. What attracted me most to join MThree Alumni was the clear career path into technology at an investment bank. I also saw that the training would get me up-to-speed with the financial services industry, and provide valuable team working skills which I didn’t get much experience with at University.

I had a very positive experience with the application and interview process with MThree. Within 1 week of completing the online technical test, the recruiter told me I had an interview, then a day after the interview, I was told I’d successfully landed a place at MThree. The interview itself was relatively stress-free, it was a nice opportunity to see the classrooms and meet some of the instructors.

My role on-site

I work at Bank of America as a middle-office Application Developer in an agile team working in sprints to deliver new features to users. Over my year working here, I have become one of the longest serving members in the team, and I now offer help and assistance to newer team members which has been a big confidence boost, and a hugely rewarding part of the job.

Recently I have been working on migrating the front-end of our application onto ReactJS. This is something that I have absolutely loved being involved in, as I don’t really have much prior JavaScript experience, so it has been a bit of a pleasure to learn something new in a professional environment.

Looking to the Future

Within the next two years, I will have completed my 2-year contract at Bank of America and will be looking to become a permanent employee here, or find a new role in finance technology. I’m thankful to MThree for helping me get my foot in the door to an industry I would otherwise have struggled.

I’d recommend the Alumni programme to anyone who has a strong interest in finance or computing. It’s a great place to begin your career!

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