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International Women’s Day - “..who doesn’t like a good challenge?” - Candice’s Story


Posted on 6/03/2018 by Greg Clarke

After studying Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science to prepare me for top French engineering schools, I completed two complementary Master’s degrees, one in Banking, Finance and Insurance, and the other in Financial Engineering. Having finished high school early, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my career, therefore I chose degrees that would give me flexibility in my career choices. I then decided to leverage my technical and foreign language skills so I could be more flexible in where I could work and live.

My first working experiences were in Geneva, New York, Paris, and London. Since then I have always worked between Paris and London, with regular business trips to key cities like Zurich, Hong-Kong, and New York.

I started studying finance a few weeks before the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. In a turbulent economic environment, from the subprime crisis to firmer regulations, I quickly understood that it was key to have both commercial and technical experience. I was ready to make some sacrifices for exciting opportunities and I managed to work both on sell-side and buy-side, from small management companies to huge investment banks, discovering various asset classes equities, commodities, foreign exchange but also more briefly fixed income.

From derivatives to e-platforms and arbitrage strategies it is amazing to see how finance has evolved in less than ten years with digital innovation and data science.

My last role prior to joining MThree was at HSBC in Global Markets, where I took on more responsibility and really started figuring out where my interests lay by working on projects such as Trade/Transaction reporting, client off-boarding, product suitability or RWA. Thanks to one of these projects, I was introduced to MThree who offered me the opportunity to use both my technical knowledge and sales skills.

I found my place in the MThree environment as I share their values, particularly the passion to develop the careers of young talented individuals.

I love being given autonomy and responsibility as it gives me the confidence to take audacious initiatives in an established yet still entrepreneurial structure. I am also thankful I could learn so much about the consultancy space, its codes, and rules.

A quick note on being a woman: Yes it’s sometimes a bit more difficult, and you have to react with strength, softness, and humour to be respected without being considered 'manly'. But who doesn’t like a good challenge? Also when you have proven yourself you can feel proud. I am glad that finance and technology businesses are trying to attract more women. I am personally not in favour of positive discrimination as I believe it serves the opposite purpose, and I know women have a lot to bring to both IT and Finance.

My dream has always been business development and technology and I am glad I could be a part of MThree’s growth in Continental Europe. I am now back in my home country where we are continuing to increase MThree’s footprint.

After spending most of the last ten years abroad I have learnt a lot, apart from a tenacious dry sense of humour and an inalterable love of bread and wine, I have learnt from the people I met while working in these different countries - whether it is my colleagues, my consultants, my clients or my superiors who took the time to give me advice and teach me. Today I am trying to take the same amount of time for my consultants to make sure they are successful.

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