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The Training Academy welcomes the first group of 16/17 summer graduates


Posted on 16/06/2017 by Greg Clarke

(From top left to bottom right: Lizzie Button, Alumni Trainer; Benji Baxter, Production Support; Humayan Rashid, Production Support; Thomas Phillippe, Production Support; Sakina Sajan; Production Support; Max Bell, Alumni Associate; Farrah Khan, Production Support; Nenna Oyoke, Software Development, Laura Couser, Software Development, Ranjit Bassi, Software Development; James Kisby, Software Development, Ananda Darrmash, Software Development, James Taylor, Software Development; Angus Arnold, Software Development; Cameron Clark, Software Development, Maciej Smolarczyk, Software Development; Mario Tabry, Software Development; Arturs Graubis, Software Development; Lauren Vanner, Alumni Consultant; David Hodgins, Head of Technical Training; Mishri Amin, Alumni Engagement Manager; Francine Vargas, Production Support; Naeem Bukhari, Software Development, Ben Rodrigues, Head of Alumni; Wendy Duvignau, Production Support; Pooja Sharma, Production Support; Finlay Marno, Software Development; Brandon Conn, Software Development; Jurijs Kostromins, Software Development.)

As the summer arrives here in London, we welcome our latest group of Alumni Trainees who will soon be working in Production Support and Application Development.

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