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Posted on 6/07/2016 by

An important part of the Alumni Programme is the Alumni Community Network and the various ways in which our graduates can engage with each other. The network helps our graduates draw upon an extensive network of support, including events, regular meetups with fellow colleagues, and pastoral care from Mthree. The network is designed to help our graduates to settle in, to find the best ways to meet the challenges that they might face, and to realize their full potential - our consultant Olivia Ward has shared her experience and the advantages of having a support network. 

Although I’ve only worked at Mthree for a short time – just over three months now – I have already encountered many of the advantages of having the support of an external company, which is truly benefitting my working experience.

I started off with a month’s training at the Mthree offices. It was in this time that I got to know the other graduates well, who are all in the same situation as me, as well as the other members of staff at Mthree. It was the perfect way to ease us into our new jobs, where we were provided with role-specific training, which allowed us to enter the bank knowing what to expect (I also feel I can’t mention the Mthree offices without mentioning the pool table and car racing games, which we all took advantage of!).

On top of this training which has provided me with the fundamentals I need to enter the bank, there is also access to a vast amount of training at Mthree – so if I’m feeling a little unsure about a particular area in finance, or I want to recap my training in a specific technology, I have the access to do so.

However, the best thing I’ve experienced so far is having the network of friends and support of the other graduates at Mthree. I know a number of people in the bank in different departments, providing me with quick access to department-specific knowledge if required. The other graduates at Mthree often meet for lunch or after work, and we are in regular contact with each other via social media. In a company as big as Deutsche Bank, starting as a fresh graduate, I have never felt alone which fundamentally comes down to knowing the other Mthree grads.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Mthree also have regular social events, where you can broaden your network with other Alumni’s across many other banks. It’s a great way to meet and talk to other people in similar situations. These events range from a treasure hunt around London to a summer boat party on the Thames – there’s something for everyone to get involved with!

Even though it’s early days for me at Mthree, I can clearly see the benefits and I feel optimistic for what’s to come.

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