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Financial Markets/SQL/Linux Training


Posted on 9/05/2016 by

Four weeks of challenging and rewarding training has come to an end! Our graduates have put in a lot of effort and time learning and developing their skills. These past weeks have consisted of training, focusing mainly on Financial Markets, Linux and SQL. There have been many trial and tribulations along the way, but one of the most remarkable things that we have seen is the progress that all our Alumni Associates have made during this short period.

Today they started a new chapter in their careers. For many of them this will be their first job after the University, and for others their first role in investment banking. We wish all our Alumni Associates best of luck with their new jobs working in Production Support. Last but not least, a special good luck to two of our Associates who came all the way from Hong Kong and Singapore for the training and who will be the first Alumnis on-site in Asia.

Click here and take a look at our latest video about the training. 

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