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SQL Training Testimonial


Posted on 2/12/2015 by

I came into the graduate programme with a degree in Information Systems, as a result I had some basic knowledge in a couple of programming languages one of which was called Python (don’t ask me why it’s named after a snake). I’m sure I’ll discover a whole zoo worth of programming languages next. Jokes aside, learning HTML, Java and SQL has been a great asset for my career and the stepping stone to landing this job.


Although SQL is not used in my day to day job, it is a fundamental skill to have, especially when supporting middle office applications. This is easily an area I could potentially end up in in the future - I mean I’m still young, right?  I do have a few more years in the industry before I’m eligible for retirement, which is why I see this as an opportunity to keep developing my technical skills.


The training course required us to get through a lot of content by the end of the week, but it was delivered in a very well-paced and relaxed manner. This made me feel comfortable enough to ask all the questions I required throughout the training. The trainer was able to articulate herself in a very clear and engaging manner, with tailored examples towards her audience. This made the learning process structured, interactive and enjoyable.


The first two days involved the basics and fundamentals of SQL, which consisted of finding the necessary information within a database and becoming familiar with basic querying. We then moved on to updating the information within the database as well as some more complex queries using joins and temp tables. Who knew there was more to SQL than just some standard SELECT and UPDATE statements? Clearly not me!


I went from learning the fundamentals to writing up some scripts in PL SQL- to some that might not be an achievement (by that I mean all you SQL experts out there) but when SQL is not someone’s forte it’s a massive one. Most people on the course had no previous knowledge in SQL, so the fact that everyone managed to do this meant we all got a nice trophy and certificate at the end of the week. Who am I kidding? I’m no longer a student, and you don’t get prizes for actually doing your work. Instead the prize now becomes personal development and meeting your work objectives, which is what this course helped many to do and it certainly helped me. I managed to meet a technical objective within my development plan for the year, which resulted in an opportunity for me to start working on a SQL based application alongside my current Linux based platform.


So on that note, let me get back to my day job - you may be surprised but I don’t write blogs for a living.


By Naomi Sercombe

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