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Unix/Linux Training Testimonial


Posted on 3/11/2015 by

Shortly after acquiring the role as a Production Support Analyst, I was enrolled on my first week of technical training. As a recent graduate in Mathematics, this has been fundamental to my progress within a global investment bank. Although my skills gained at University have been of great importance, specific training in UNIX/LINUX; the computing system that I use on a daily basis, was paramount to my progress and understanding.

Mthree Alumni provided me with a high standard of training, conducted by a trusted first rate specialist. As a beginner, it was important to be given the essentials required to perform my day-to-day tasks and there was clearly a solid structure to teach from the ground upwards, with little or no pre-requisites expected.

On day one, upon arrival at the training venue, I was greeted by some of the other Alumni Associates. I had not yet been introduced to the vast majority of them but was quickly pleased to discover that, like every other member I had met so far, there was a clear and common ambition for success in their careers. This is hugely refreshing because this type of environment invigorates everybody, and is the recipe for progression and ultimately achievement in business.

The first half of our learning was directed towards the basic commands and utilities of UNIX/LINUX. This contrasts dramatically with using other more commercial operating systems such as Windows, because the graphical user interface (GUI) is completely unique in comparison. I quickly discovered that without knowing the particular commands and how they are used, it is not possible to make any real use of the system.

The key to studying the variety of inputs was putting them into practice in a similar scenario to that found in our work environment. I found this aspect especially useful, as UNIX/LINUX is so vast in its application that it was important for our instructor to focus on the key elements relevant to our day-to-day use.

Once this was clarified in our minds, we progressed to script programming. This allows the user to manipulate their own commands, using various system actions to execute files that contain a valid set of functions. Within this, we studied the appropriate features of customising the user environment to enable us to support the applications that we are constantly operating for our clients.

After the completion of the training course, I have returned to work with a much greater knowledge of UNIX/LINUX and now have the tools to accelerate my learning by building on the skills I have acquired. I feel very fortunate that Mthree invested in such a high level of teaching, because I am already more of an asset to my team.


By Oliver Mason

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