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MThree announces online product & managing training partnership


Posted on 29/09/2015 by

We are delighted to announce Mthree Consulting’s training partnership with Fitch Learning. Fitch Learning are a market leading online training library, providing our graduates the best courses in management and business domain knowledge. Specialising in creating high impact and engaging learning programs that are customised to the requirements of our graduates.

Fitch Learning are unique in their ability to provide a blend of product knowledge, technical skills and personal development training, along with online graduate program management portals to house graduates resources and reporting functionality.  Each graduate will be provided with a bespoke pathway which will be specialised to their role to maximise their relevant learning.

The online portal offers our graduate courses on:

·         Product Knowledge

·         Technical Skills

·         Management and Personal Development

Our graduates now have access to; Pluralsight for technical training and Fitch Learning for product and management training, and are in a fantastic position to push their learning and knowledge to the maximum in their given space.

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