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Alumni PRO Pathway

Find out about the next stage of the Alumni Programme

There are many paths you may have followed before embarking on your Alumni PRO journey. However, there is one common denominator that unites all Alumni PRO's - you all have an impressive academic background.

Following graduation you will have gone into work and gained some commercial experience. For the PRO programme we cap this experience at 24 months but it doesn't matter in what industry - we're just looking for the talent and ambition that will make you thrive in Financial Services Technology.

(If you've more than three years experience you might like to visit the MThree main site for career options).


Breaking into Financial Services from out of industry, or stepping up to the role you really want,  is notoriously hard and can actually be quite daunting.

The first step to overcoming this challenge is to apply to the Alumni PRO programme. This is like making several job applications simultaneously as we match your skills and experience to the roles available on the programme. 

We work very closely with our clients and have a deep understanding of both the skills and type of character that work well in respective teams. When we strike a match for you we'll share the options in detail - think of this as being briefed on the job before the interview.

We'll probably ask you to undertake a few tests as the results help support your suitability statement to the client.

More than just getting your foot in the door. Alumni PRO sets you up for a long and successful career in Financial Services technology no matter what you've been doing to date

Working alongside highly skilled and experienced people, you are fully integrated with client teams

We care about you and your success 
We'll be on hand to provide pastoral care and support throughout the programme


Once your details have been sent to the client we wait in anticipation of an interview request - we're pretty confident of this since we have great relationships with our clients and understand exactly what they look for in new team members.

Great news! The client wants to meet you.  

Client interviews vary in format but you can expect a face-to-face interview and where appropriate, some form of technical assessment. 

This all goes brilliantly well so we have the pleasure of formally offering you a place on the Alumni PRO programme!

All that's left to do is coordinate a start date (don't worry if you're already working, we're flexible on this)

You're now on your way to bigger and better things......we look forward to working with you and witnessing your career acceleration first hand. 

At the end of the two year programme we fully expect that you convert to an employee of the client (this is after all a feeder scheme). 

However, we're realistic enough to know that sometimes even the best plans don't come off. If this is the case we'll discuss options within MThree Consulting or help you if you decide to move on independently.