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"Accelerate Your Career by joining the Alumni programme"

The Alumni programme has a very simple purpose - to attract great people who have recently graduated with a strong academic background into the exciting and rewarding Financial Services technology industry.  We are committed to providing the Financial Services technology sector its next generation of leaders, innovators and decision makers. 

Before you think, 'this isn't for me, I didn't study Computer Science' read on. We welcome graduates who have studied a range of disciplines. We pride ourselves on not only being able to identify talent but importantly to match it to the most suitable roles.  Although the vast majority of Alumni roles sit under the broad heading of technology, some require little or no technical experience. So don't be put off by this. 

Once selected on to the two year Alumni programme you are employed by Mthree on a full-time contract. You know where you'll be working and in what capacity before accepting. Once on site with one of our prestigious investment banking/capital markets sector clients, you will pick up invaluable experience, working alongside highly skilled colleagues on critical projects. 

We recruit into the programme all year around and welcome interest at any stage of your studies. Get in touch and let us help you start a career to be proud of.